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Resources Cool stuff.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of Bitcoin resources; it’s more of a list of things I like in case I forget.

I think you may find them useful too.

Bitcoin Implementations

  • Bitcoin Core (C++) - The original and most popular bitcoin implementation.
  • btcd (Go) - Solid implementation with great comments and documentation.


  • bitcoin-ruby (Ruby) - Readable bitcoin code. Excellent for learning how it all works.


  • Electrum (Desktop) - Straightforward and trustworthy wallet.
  • Green (Android/iOS) - Slick, polished, and developed by Blockstream.
  • Mycelium (Android/iOS) - Not as pretty but has stood the test of time.

Blockchain Explorers

  • Learn Me A Bitcoin - I use mine for inspecting raw transaction data.
  • - By far the best overall blockchain explorer. It’s how I’d design my blockchain explorer if I had design skills.
  • Yogh - Sleek blockchain explorer. Beautiful data highlighting.



  • bitcoin-iterate - Handy blockchain parser. Get data out of your blockchain.
  • bitcoin-utxo-dump - Get a human-readable list of UTXOs from your node. Courtesy of yours truly.


  • - The one true wiki for Bitcoin. A definitive resource.
  • Royal Fork - Masterfully written technical articles explaining key parts of Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin Stack Exchange - Some of the brightest minds and clearest explanations can be found here.


  • RaspiBolt - How to set up a full node on a Raspberry Pi. I think everyone should follow this tutorial at least once.
  • Programming Blockchains (Ruby) - How to write simple blockchain code. Gerald is a good teacher.


  • The Book of Satoshi - A chronological collection of Satoshi’s writing (mailing list and forum posts) in one book. Nicely put together.



  • Bitcoin Only - A clean and well curated list of bitcoin-only resources.
  • - An extensive and well maintained list. A big fan favourite.

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