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Talks Me in real life.


Title Event Location Date


Title Event Location Date
Getting Started With Bitcoin Bitcoin Sheffield Sheffield 29 January 2020
Transactions (Script) Bitcoin Sheffield Sheffield 27 November 2019
How does blockchain work? BitBrum 2019 Birmingham 3 November 2019
Private Keys & Addresses Bitcoin Sheffield Sheffield 30 October 2019
How does blockchain work? Bury Crypto Meetup Bury 7 October 2019
How do transactions work? Bitcoin Sheffield Sheffield 25 September 2019
How does blockchain work? Bitcoin Sheffield Sheffield 28 August 2019
An Introduction to Bitcoin Bitcoin Sheffield Sheffield 24 July 2019
An Introduction to Bitcoin SheffieldPHP Sheffield 18 July 2019
An Introduction to Bitcoin North West Bitcoin Meetup Warrington 20 June 2019
Mining Basics Coinfest UK 2019 Manchester 4 April 2019
Script Technical Learn Me A Bitcoin 09 May 2018
Keys & Addresses Technical Learn Me A Bitcoin 09 March 2018
Transactions Technical Learn Me A Bitcoin 15 January 2018
Mining Basics BitBrum 2017 Birmingham 19 November 2017
Mining Technical Learn Me A Bitcoin 12 November 2017
Mining Basics BitBrighton 2017 Brighton 28 October 2017
Segregated Witness Bitcoin Manchester Manchester 02 October 2017
Mining Basics Cryptocurrencies Meetup Lichfield 01 October 2017
Bitcoin Intro Arrkticulate Manchester 20 September 2017
Transactions Basics Bitcoin Manchester Manchester 08 August 2017
Importing the Blockchain in to Neo4j Neo4j Online Meetup 06 July 2017
Mining Basics Bitcoin Manchester Manchester 29 June 2017
Mining Basics Coinfest UK 2017 Manchester 7 April 2017
Using Neo4j to Store the Blockchain Neo4j Meetup London 29 March 2017

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